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Classification of Transfer Paper For sale

Dark Transfer Paper For sale is a kind of hot Transfer Paper For sale, mainly for printing dark clothes, because dark clothes are too dark and have a strong ability to cover other colors, so a medium is needed to print the pictures. Need dark Transfer Paper For sale.

Transfer Paper For sale

Transfer Paper For sale is to output the pattern to be hot stamped with an inkjet printer, and then print it on the clothes.

Cheapest FR MDF products small class to explain the relevant knowledge of MDF

MDF, including a MDF board body, the side surface of the board body is provided with an edge-sealing coating, the edge-sealing coating and the surface of the board body are provided with a thermosetting coating, wherein the edge-sealing coating is The layer is electrostatically sprayed with powder coating for edge sealing on the side of the board body.

Cheapest FR MDF products tells the knowledge of MDF for furniture

MDF for furniture, comprising a MDF body, one side outer wall of the MDF body is welded with bolts distributed at equal distances, and the top outer wall of the bolts is provided with a slot, and the MDF body is far away from One side outer wall of the latch is provided with sockets that are distributed at equal distances.

Low price FR MDF introduces the knowledge of MDF

The multi-layer composite MDF comprises a MDF body, a connection groove and two connection grooves are respectively formed on the front end surface and the left end surface of the MDF main body, and an installation groove is symmetrically formed on the top of the first connection groove on the left and right sides.

Low price FR MDF

Low price FR MDF, including device body, inner gusset plate, main plate, fixing hole, outer panel, sealant, vegetable fiber, flame retardant and fixing plate, the overall shape of the device body is rectangular, and the overall shape of the device body is rectangular. The two sides are respectively provided with an inner gusset plate and an outer panel.

Features of FR MDF supplier china

The physical and mechanical properties such as static bending strength, internal bonding strength, elastic modulus, board surface and board edge holding screw force are better than particleboard.

FR MDF supplier china

FR MDF supplier china, which belongs to the field of medium density limit boards, includes a fiberboard body and a flame-retardant panel. There are two flame-retardant panels in total, and the two flame-retardant panels are correspondingly distributed on the upper and lower sides of the fiberboard body. On the surface, the flame retardant panel is glued and connected with the fiberboard body.

MR Particle Board supplier introduces the knowledge of veneer particleboard

Facing particleboard, including particleboard body, particleboard body is composed of inner surface layer, sound insulation layer, base layer, flame retardant layer, antibacterial layer, outer surface layer, moisture-proof layer and fine grinding layer, the upper end of the inner surface layer is fixedly connected to the sound insulation layer, and the upper end of the sound insulation layer is fixed Connect the base layer.

MR Particle Board supplier

The high-strength particleboard comprises an upper board layer, the bottom of the upper board layer is fixedly connected with a fine wood fiber board layer, the bottom of the fine wood fiber board layer is fixedly connected with an adhesive layer, and the bottom of the adhesive layer is fixedly connected with a thick wood fiber board layer. A wood fiber board layer, the bottom of the thick wood fiber board layer is fixedly connected with a reinforcing board layer.
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